2X Eva Bangs Buy 2 and save!

$89 $139.95
Dark Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Brunette
  • Highlighted
  • Sunset Blonde
  • Ashy Highlighted
  • Platinum
Color Match Guaranteed

The extension that gives you perfect bangs in less than a minute! This temporary extension is the answer to all your hair problems!

Packed with 35 grams of the highest quality synthetic hair these extensions look and feels just like real hair! 

Clip-in our Luxy bangs to instantly transform your style! This is your affordable alternative to a permanent chop. Our clip-in bangs let you instantly experiment with bangs without the high-maintenance hassle of growing them back out.

How do I use it: Separate your hair. Clip in the extensions, beginning with the center clip and then attaching the two side clips.

For a customized look, trim the bangs to your desired style.

  • Heat-resistant