Butterfly & Braid Care Kit bundle

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Our most unique braid, the Butterfly braided headband is sure to take every look up a notch. This delicate and feminine look looks great on adults and kids, and is perfect for everyday and nights out.

This versatile hair accessory has adjustable sizing, and never needs to be re-braided!

Flexible bristles glide gently through tangles, removing snags and snarls with ease while controlling frizz and adding shine. The result? Hair that's silky smooth and perfectly manageable.


The tail comb is designed for setting hair and creating unique styles for most hair types, the teasing comb is designed with a long and thin stainless steel pintail not easy to slide off your hands when you hold it. It is flexible and will never break or bend out of shape during normal use, comfortable to comb, leaving hair smoother, practical for teasing hair, suitable for salon, barber and cosmetic supply kits.

Lock your look down with these handy pins. Perfect for securing braids and updos, our bobby pins will make sure those beautiful hairstyles don’t fall apart on you. Relax and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your hair isn’t going anywhere!

Package Includes:

  • Butterfly Braid
  • The Detangler Brush
  • The Tail Comb
  • Bobby Pins

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