2X Katie U Clip Extension - Buy 2 and save!

$139.95 $179.95
Dirty Blonde
  • Dark Brown
  • Brunette
  • Highlighted
  • Sunset Blonde
  • Ashy Highlighted
  • Platinum
  • Dirty Blonde

Fall in love with our revolutionary lace extension for the most undetectable appearance!

The Katie one piece extension allows you to pull out a small section of your own hair through a semi-circular U-shaped opening in the crown of the wig cap. This opening gives you the option to wear your own hair part exposing your scalp for a more natural looking hair style.Blend your hair that you pulled through the U-part into the wig hair for a flawless finish.

A voluminous one piece clip in extension that you apply to the crown of your head. Easily add mega volume and length in a flash.

22 inches long

Packed with 180 grams of hair.

Heat resistant.

Created with the highest quality synthetic fiber, our faux hair is voluminous and made to last.