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Article: House Of Jen

House Of Jen

House Of Jen

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My Pinterest and Instagram are full of braided hair style looks, and I have to say I'm loving them.  However my braiding skills are not quite to "point" lets say.  And sadly, Ellie hates when I use her to practice. When Madison Braids came across my feed as an ad I was very interested.  They have 5 headband styles that are all different types of chunky braids.
I went for the fishtail, as that's the one I'm trying to master currently (happened to have tired a side fishtail on just an average morning, that happened to be Halloween, Ellie's pre school class thought I was dressing up as Elsa, so I'm not sure if that's a mom win or fail?)
The braids only come in 3 or 4 different colors depending on the style, I was a little worried as the blonde seemed to be a little darker than my hair color, but I really wanted to give it a try.
It came in this cute little box.  The first thing I loved about the headband is that its adjustable!  I am very sensitive to headbands, and apparently have a big head?  I don't know but most headbands only last about an hour before the headache starts.  I also think I might get one for Ellie which I don't have to worry about it being to big.
It came in a pretty tight braid, so I just pulled it a part a bit to give it a little different look. Then before I wore it, I was still a little unsure of the color match, so to tone down some of the shine, I just sprayed a little dry shampoo.  For some reason, lighter color synthetic hair always looks a little more "fake" than darker colors, so I've always found spraying some dry shampoo is great for fixing that.
There are so many different ways to wear this headband, you really can just throw it in and go.  I ended up putting a little wave in my hair first with my T3 1 1/2 inch barrel wand first.  Then I put in the headband and pinned back the sides.
I was really impressed that it blended into my hair color so well, and it was very comfortable to wear. 
Use the coupon code INSTA15 to get 15% off and free shipping on your first order! Most of the braids are $35.00.

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