Your Perfect Color Match in Three Easy Steps

Your Perfect Color Match in Three Easy Steps

Madison Braids, top knots and hair extensions are made to stylishly simplify your life. They provide a high-style, on-trend look without hours of work. Whether you are busy raising kids or running a business, choosing a Madison Braids product is a smart way to gain back some time for yourself. Intimidated by the color options and not sure what to order? Don’t be! Choosing the right color to match or accent your hair is as effortless as wearing our products. In just three simple steps, we guarantee you’ll find your perfect color match!

Lulu Highlighted

Step One: Grab your phone and find a window. You’ll need good natural light, so you should complete this step during the day. To ensure the best color match, get close to the window without stepping in direct sunlight. Grey days work well too.

Step Two: Take a selfie! But actually, take three. Stand facing the window (again, best if you are a step out of beating sunlight) and take three selfies. Keep your hair down so our analysts can see your hair from root to tip. Try to take them from different angles, trying to show your full length of hair. We want to see all the wonderful tones of your haircolor!

Step Three: Send us your selfies! That’s it! Our color-matching experts will take it from here.

So what happens after you send your selfies? Our professional analysts will use your photos to select the perfect products to match your hair color. They take time ensuring they consider all the color tones in your hair and how the product will match with them. For our braid products, they’ll focus on the tones at the crown of your head. For our top knots and extensions, they’ll focus on the color tones in the body of your hair. Paying attention to all the colors and where they are found in your hair ensure that you are matched with the products that will naturally accent your hair perfectly.

Looking for a bit of a contrast? Do you want to accentuate the lighter tones of your highlights? Or perhaps you want to bring out some undertones to help disguise some root grow out… Let us know what look you are trying to achieve, and we’ll make sure our color match accomplishes your goals.

Madison Braids are handmade of the highest quality materials crafted in natural hair tones that are guaranteed to match your hair color - or provide that perfect contrast - for an effortless on-trend style in seconds. Should you decide the color just isn’t perfect, let us know what you’d like changed and we’ll exchange for a new color. Our color-matching is guaranteed. Each braid is hand braided to incorporate all the color tones of your hair.