What to Expect from the Halloween Hair Care Collection 2

As promised, here’s the lowdown on the rest of our Halloween Hair Care Collection. We’re so excited to share these hair care essentials with you! You can visit our site on October 27th to take advantage of pre-Halloween deals on some of our favorite hair care products. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you:
Brush Iron
This two-in-one appliance makes salon-grade straightening as simple as brushing your hair. Take advantage of its infrared heat and negative ion technology and get smooth, shiny, straight hair for your Halloween look.
Titanium Flat Hair Iron
Available in black and pink, this flat iron features titanium floating plates that heat evenly and glide effortlessly through your hair. Enjoy sleek, straight hair without worrying about breakage or heat damage, on Halloween and after.
Bobby Pins
You didn’t work hard on that hairstyle so it could fall apart on you. Our bobby pins will secure your style so you can trick-or-treat and party without worrying that your hairdo is coming undone.
Detangler Brush
Whatever style you’re planning to rock this Halloween, chances are it starts with smooth, tangle-free hair. Enter the Madison Braids Detangler Brush. It’s got flexible bristles that sort out knots and add shine without yanking. Bonus: it’s super cute, with a funky design and shiny blue finish.
Hair Comb
Our pin tail comb features a stainless steel tail that’s perfect for creating precise, straight parts. It’s also great for teasing hair, making it an essential tool you’ll reach for all the time—long after Halloween is a candy-corn-scented memory.
Remember: October 27th!
Did you spot an old favorite in the collection? Something new you’re dying to try? Don’t miss your chance to stock up on hair care for Halloween and all year long! Head to our site on October 27th to shop our Halloween Hair Care Collection.
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