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Beauty Hacks

On mornings, my prep routine and other helpful tips:

Let me level with you, I. am. not. a. morning. person. I formed a close and intimate relationship with my snooze button fairly early on, we get along, I get to ‘sleep in’ and it gets to remind me that it’s Monday and that sometimes being an adult sucks. This snoozing habit of mine, however, leaves me with very little time for the ‘getting dressed and making oneself into a seemingly presentable and functionale adult’ portion of the day.

Over the years I have come across some clever (if I do say so myself) and simple ways to reconcile my sleeping habits with like generally looking like a functional adult. I’ve consolidated some of my favorites for you here, so that you too can adult and feel pretty at the same time.




Makeup will freshen you up, make you look more awake and improve your overall feeling of ‘ready to tackle the day’. It doesn't have to take a lot of time though, so to start: Ditch Your Makeup Brushes.

Have a gazillion brushes for all of your contouring, lining, and stippling needs? Great. Now set them aside whenever you're in a time crunch. If I'm in a rush in the morning, I apply everything with fingers—foundation, concealer, beige cream eyeshadow, etc. It gets your makeup done much more quickly than if you had to go through all the motions of finding and using all those individual brushes and sponges.

I’ll usually follow with a simple eye liner, mascara, some lip gloss and tada! Ready to face the day




Hair, more than any other part of my routine, seems to be almost entirely out of my control, some days are just “bad hair days”. But even for those days, and for the other more awesome hair days, here are some things I find help:

Product- Find a the product that works for you hair, it might take some trial and error but I’ve found that having your go-to hair product could really save a bad hair day in a pinch.

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Accessories- Don’t be afraid to accessorize: from hair pins to hair extensions to decorative headbands, using the right accessory for your hair can save you time agonizing over flat, frizzy or unruly hair and be an excellent naturally beautifying way to dress up your look.


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And then, of course, if you’re really desperate, there’re always hats :)

One more thing, if I may, and this is a big one: Try to eat or at least drink a good breakfast. A quick bowl of oatmeal or muesli or even a healthy smoothie can go a long way in improving both your mood and physical wellbeing. Pro tip: pre bag and freeze portions of cut fruit in advance so that all you have to do in the morning is dump a little baggy and some yogurt or dairy substitute into your blender.

And remember, you're awesome! You’re doing great! And you’re always most beautiful when you’re most you!

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