Color Guide

At Madison Braids our colors are all hand blended to get you an effortless color match. 
When picking your braid, don't be afraid to go a shade lighter or darker than your hair. Take into consideration your hair coloring at it's roots and ends, along with any highlights!
To get more of an edgy pop, try going for a completely different color!
Feel free to message our support with a photo of your hair coloring for a quick color match!
From Darkest to Lightest:
Black: Pure black with blue cool undertones.
Dark Brown: Neutral dark brown shade. 
Brunette: Rich medium brown with warm undertones.
Two Tone: Brown and blonde highlighted tone (not featured in the photo below).
Dirty Blonde: Our most popular blonde, as it blends with many different shades of blonde.
Sunset Blonde: Medium blonde blended with lighter neutral blonde tones.