Check Out These Awesome Autumn Style Moments

What’s not to love about fall? This magical season comes with color-burst trees, earthy smells, crackling leaves underfoot… No question, fall is a time for fresh starts (even if you’re not a student) and change (even if you’re not a leaf). It's the time for breaking out new wardrobes (ankle boots! sweaters!) and sampling those seasonal treats (hello, pumpkin spice everything).

Fall is a great season for hair-lovers, too: the cool weather means you can wear your hair down without becoming a sweaty mess, but not cold enough to necessitate hairdo-killing hoods and hats. As summer fades, you might find yourself more than ready for a new look to welcome the new weather.

To celebrate the season, we’re spotlighting six stylish women who are making the most of this fall. They’ve all got great attitudes, beautiful braids, and of course, pumpkins.

This long-haired lady is a wizard with braids. Noella’s Instagram is loaded with eye-popping pics of Rapunzel-esque braids, but she chose a simpler style for this fall moment. With just a Lulu Two-Strand Braid to frame her loose hair, Noella’s laid-back look is fresh, fun, and very much fall. With that pumpkin, how could it be anything else?

We love this casual, perfect-for-fall vibe. When else can you totally rock a chunky-knit off-the-shoulder sweater and sunglasses? This picture is a great reminder of why autumn is just right: cool but not cold, bright but not blinding...perfection.

There are actually five pumpkins in this picture...can you spot them all? That’s because @pececindy is enjoying her autumn to the max. Extra points for rocking three fall style trends at once: long bob, side part, and a braid


Jenna’s living her dream, traveling the USA in an RV. Even with the scenery constantly changing around her, Jenna took a moment to revel in the new season and get up-close and personal with autumn. Pumpkins and cut grass...if only you could smell pictures, right?

Whatever the weather is in Texas, Jenni looks cool and confident in her shades. Check out the headband braid over her side part and flowing hair—Jenni’s hairstyle is all about autumn. 

What does fall look like where you live? Wherever you are, don’t forget to take a deep breath of that good fall smell. And if you’re rocking a cool braided hairstyle, show it off! Tag @madisonbraids in a pic so we can tell you how great you look.

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