Moms are Loving the New Madison Braids Collection for Kids!

Do you ever look at pictures of adorable little girls with beautiful, intricate braids and think, “that’s so cute...and so impossible for any mom who isn’t a professional beauty blogger?” Well, we’re going to let you in on a secret: any mom can do those hairstyles. Any kid can have them. 

Don’t believe us? You just haven’t seen the Madison Braids collection for kids. Our new collection is full of cute, convenient headband braids that look just like real hair. Just slip one on your daughter’s head and bam—instant braid.

Still can’t believe it? Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what these real moms have to say about their daughters’ Madison Braids headbands:


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“We love her braid! So easy for school days! #schoolready” - @charlacorn 

These braids are everything in those busy morning routines. Your daughter gets the “princess hair” she craves, you get her ready on time. Everyone wins.

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“SO cute...for my daughter! She loves braids but this mama can’t braid 😆” - @bre_slegers

No worries, mama. There’s more than one way to get those braids, and why take the hard way when life can be simple?

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She was so excited to wear this today, she literally woke up and said, “don’t forget about my new headband” basically in her sleep - @michellebrin

We love this! Madison Braids is all about helping women (and girls!) enjoy their beautiful hair. 

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“She gets so many compliments when she wears this braid!💕” - @model_sophia3

There are so many awesome ways your daughter can rock these braids! Have fun with it and explore different styles together.

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“Literally took 30 seconds!” - @brunetteandbabes

There’s a reason busy moms love these braids! Headband braids are fast, easy and comfortable—basically, they’re perfect for kids.

Make your daughter smile! Pick out a headband braid from the new Madison Braids kids’ collection.

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