Send Your Daughter Back to School with the New Madison Braids Kids’ Collection

A new school year always means new beginnings, and this one is about to kick off something incredible. Here at Madison Braids, we’re getting ready for fall with a back-to-school special on the cutest “school supply” around…


We’re launching a collection of adorable headband braids for girls ages three and up! These super-cute accessories are so easy to put on your kids and they save you tons of time in the morning. Every piece is handmade, with a stretchy adjustable band to give your daughter a comfy custom fit.


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It’s as easy as A-B-C! All you have to do is pick a braid, slip it onto your kid’s head, and ta-da! Your little girl is rocking a super-sweet braided hairstyle. No tears. No hair-pulling. It’s so easy, your daughter might just be able to do her hair all by herself. Your kid doesn’t know how to braid her hair? No problem. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know a braid from a bobby pin—your daughter will look adorable and the other moms will crown you the Braiding Queen.


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Get your daughter excited for school by letting her pick out a new braid for that first day. Is she less than thrilled about learning over Zoom? Let her know how cute and original she’ll look in her on-screen headshot. Does she miss that BFF she can’t get together with these days? Team up with her friend’s mom and get them matching braids to bond over.


Whether your kid is headed for an on-campus classroom or an at-home Zoom session, you can still start the year off with the perfect back-to-school photo op. Trust us, the right braid is all you need to take your pictures from “oh-that’s-nice” to “wow-that's-gorgeous.” Got more than one girl in the family? Grab matching braids for all of them! Your girls will look precious and you’ll get incredible photos to treasure forever.



This is the gift that never gets boring! There are so many ways to style her new headband braids: over loose flowing hair for a super-simple, relaxed vibe. With two low pigtails for cuteness beyond words. A spunky side-pony. Tucked up in the back for a little sweet elegance. Keep exploring new looks with your daughter to find new favorites and show off her unique style! Doing your daughter’s hair is a great mother-daughter bonding activity, and it’s an awesome way to help your daughter express her creative side.


We’re so excited, we’ve put all the braids in our kids’ collection on sale! To take advantage of our back-to-school special, just head over to our website to check out the new kids collection. You can choose from adorable braids in tons of shades, all color-blended to look just like natural hair.


Good luck with the new school year, and happy hairstyling!



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