Six Ways Dry Shampoo Will Save Your Hair

Did you grow up thinking that daily showers were the best thing for your hair? Well, now we know better. Over-washing your hair can actually damage those luscious locks. But don’t worry—there’s a way to keep your hair looking, feeling, and smelling fresh without showering it to death. Dry Shampoo soaks up extra oil without drying your hair out, getting rid of that greasy shine and dirty-hair smell. 

Dry shampoo belongs in every woman’s hair toolbox. Here’s why:

Save Time

We’ve all been there: you’re racing the clock. Your hair is gross, but you don’t have time to wash, dry, and style it. Do you take your greasy hair to work and pretend no one’s wrinkling their nose? Do you shower and show up late? Or do you just use dry shampoo? It only takes a minute to get your hair looking (and smelling) clean.

Add Volume

Dry shampoo is a great way to volumize your hair, especially if it’s naturally fine or flat. To give your hair a quick boost, flip your head upside down and spray your roots with dry shampoo. Style it, then hit it with an all-over spray when you’re done. You can also spray dry shampoo on wet hair before you dry it for a thicker, fuller look.

Get Staying Power

If your hair tends to fall out of braids and updos, try spraying it with dry shampoo before you style it. The added texture will give your hair a better grip and keep it in place longer. Unlike hairspray, dry shampoo won’t give you “helmet head”—your hair will still be free to move naturally.

Travel Fabulously

Dry shampoo is the best travel buddy. It doesn’t need water to work, and it’s not likely to spill all over your luggage like regular shampoo. Take it wherever you don’t have reliable access to showers: camping, road trips, before-work exercise classes, hospital stays, visits to the International Space Station…

Protect Your Color

If you color your hair, dry shampoo can help keep that color vibrant longer. Washing your hair fades your color a little bit every time, and dry shampoo cuts back on the number of washes you need. Dry shampoo also lets you skip the blow-dryer, a tool that can damage hair made vulnerable by the coloring process.

Lose the “Fake Hair Shine”

Synthetic hair is great, but it often comes with a brighter-than-natural shine. You can easily solve this with a little dry shampoo. Just give your new hair a few quick sprays and that tell-tale shine will disappear. 

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