What Are Women Saying About the New Double Lulu Two Strand?

Here’s a riddle for you: what’s being described as magical, gorgeous, and super cute? It’s getting a lot of love on the internet right now, and it might not be “real,” but it’s actually better that way. 

No, it’s not unicorns. Or mermaids. Or unikitties. Okay, we’ll tell you: it’s the brand-new Double Lulu Two Strand headband braid.

This amazing double-braided beauty is about to hit the market in 2 days, so you may not have seen it in person yet. (What are you waiting for? Sign up for the release here!) But the early adopters are already sharing their first impressions, and the verdict is in: this braid is the bomb.

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Want to know what people are saying about the Double Lulu? We’ve put together some reviews from brave braid pioneers.

“They honestly save so much time and look so cute” - @gabriellaamariaa

Yup, that’s exactly what we made them for! Like all Madison braids, the Double Lulu is designed to help you look and feel fantastic with zero fuss. Let’s face it: we’re all busy. We all want to look cute, and why shouldn’t we? With this braid, even women who have no time in the morning can have awesome hairstyles.

“Perfect for a quick and easy updo on these hot summer days” - @merissaanneblog

If you’ve been dying to try out an updo but doubting your hairstyling skills, now is your chance. This braid takes all the hard work out of updos. With the Double Lulu, you can rock tons of incredible updo styles, from sophisticated elegance to full-out boho. You’ll love the cool breeze on the back of your neck—and the heaps of compliments coming your way.

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“What a fun hair hack!” - @polishedstylejustine

Doing your hair should be fun! Your hair is an amazing, beautiful way to express yourself. Do yourself a favor: stop stressing yourself out trying to braid it yourself. From now on, Lulu will take care of you. 

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“I can’t believe how real the Madison braids look...their double braid matches my hair so perfectly!” - @styleuphazelnut


That’s because every Double Lulu braid is carefully handmade and color-blended to look just like your natural hair. You can choose your braid from eight beautiful shades. We’ll even help you find the perfect match for free: just send us a picture of your hair and we’ll give you our expert opinion.

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“Check out how easy it is to put this on for a fab hairstyle look in under one minute!” - @brookeallstar

Wow, that’s fast. Think how much better your mornings would be if you could cut your hairstyling time down to one minute… We can’t say this enough: you don’t have to choose between cute and easy. Be the girl who has everything. Get yourself a Double Lulu braid by signing up here, we did a small production run so this will sell out fast!

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