You Asked, We Answered: Introducing the Double Lulu Two Strand

There are a lot of Madison Braids to love, but we’ve always known who the crowd favorite was: Lulu, we’re looking at you. Ever since its creation, the Lulu Two Strand has been our most popular braid. It’s sort of a little black dress for your hair: dress it up or dress it down, Lulu’s always ready for anything. Well, now we’re shaking things up with a brand new braid that’s everything you love about the Lulu Two Strand, except more of it.


We noticed a trend in the rave reviews the Lulu was getting. Our customers loved the Lulu so much, they kept asking us for an upgraded version that would take the look to a whole new level. And we’d do just about anything for our here it is. By popular demand, we are proud to present (drumroll please): the Double Lulu Two Strand.


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The Double Lulu Two Strand is a fast and easy way to give yourself incredible double-braided hairstyles. It’s got twin two-stranded braids on an adjustable stretchy headband. Just slip it on and bam: your hair is twice as awesome as it was a minute ago. 


Think of all the Insta-worthy hairstyles you’ll be able to pull off with a little help from this double-braided beauty! It doesn’t matter if you have two left thumbs when it comes to braiding; now you’ll be able to rock the kind of looks that will make people wonder if you’re secretly a beauty blogger. Like its sister braid, the original Lulu, the Double Lulu Two Strand can be worked into both casual and formal styles, from simple loose hair to full-on up-dos. 


Thanks to its adjustable band, you can easily customize the size of your braid for a comfortable and secure fit. Like all of our braids, the Double Lulu Two Strand is designed to fit everyone aged three and up. Mommy-daughter matching, anyone?


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We’re launching this amazing braid in no less than eight beautiful shades, from Platinum to Brunette. Pick a color, any color: there’s something for everyone. Every braid is handmade and carefully color-blended to create a beautiful piece that looks natural and blends right into your hair.


And just in case you’re worried about missing out on the original Lulu, don’t be. We’re expanding, not replacing, so you’ll still be able to find the classic Lulu Two Strand on the Madison Braids site. Lulu, you’ll always have a special place in our hearts. 


Do you love the Lulu Two Strand? Do you wish you had more of it in your life—like, twice as much? Now’s your chance! Grab the Double Lulu Two Strand as soon as it hits our site. You can sign up here and we’ll notify you the second it’s available so you can pick one up in your perfect shade.


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