What’s a Pin Tail Comb and What Can I Do With It?


Ever see a comb with a thin metal stick on one end? Meet the pin tail comb, an insanely useful styling tool. Even if you’ve never heard of the pin tail comb before this minute, you can gain so much from having one in your life.

There are tons of ways this simple comb can enhance your hair routine for both everyday and special occasion looks. Here are our favorite pin tail comb tips and tricks:

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This is what the pin tail comb is famous for. You can use the pin to make the kind of perfect, precise parts that really transform hairstyles. Whether you want a simple straight part or a complicated zigzag, the pin tail comb is the comb for you.

Clean parts can elevate all kinds of hairstyles, from sleek, modern ponytails to intricate braided looks. It’s such a little thing, but taking a few seconds to make sure your part is on point will make a huge difference in your overall look.


Sectioning your hair makes the styling process much easier, and is essential for wavy and curly styles. Use the tail of your comb to separate your hair into sections before you blow-dry, straighten, or curl it. As you apply heat, use the pin to hold sections in place. Handling your hair with a comb instead of your fingers will prevent you from messing your hair up as you work, and will protect your fingers from the heat of your tools.


The fine point of a pin tail comb is just right for removing the tape from extensions, pulling out pins, and unravelling tight braids. When it’s time to let your hair down, take the easy way out and use a pin tail comb, instead of painstakingly picking everything apart with your fingers.


Here’s a neat little trick: you can use your tail comb to get rid of pesky flyaways. If you find yourself stuck with some extra wisps after styling, just spray a bit of hairspray on your comb’s tail. Holding your comb by the teeth, gently brush the tail over the flyaways. This should smooth them out and keep them in check.


For our next trick, you’re going to use both ends of your pin tail comb. To add volume, start by sectioning off a small portion of your hair with the pin tail. Use the pin tail to lift up the section, then hold that section in your free hand and flip the comb over. Back-comb your section, starting just an inch or two above your scalp and gently pushing the comb toward your roots. Repeat this for each section, and you’ve got all the volume you could ask for.

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This one’s a pro tip. Stylists absolutely love pin tail combs for coloring hair. The long, thin tail is perfect for sectioning hair before applying foils. The straight edge ensures that the client gets nice, even sections, which means they’ll enjoy a better dye job. If you’re ever brave enough to dye your own hair, make sure you grab one of these combs first.

The metal tail is also easy to keep clean, a feature that appeals to professional hairdressers and casual combers alike.


Never forget: a pin tail comb is still a comb! In addition to everything you can do with the tail end, a pin tail comb is also great at working through tangles and neatening up your hair. Lots of hairstyles start with smooth, tidy hair, and this is the comb that’s going to give you exactly that.

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