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Article: You Should Really Thank Your Hairbrush—Here’s Why

You Should Really Thank Your Hairbrush—Here’s Why

You Should Really Thank Your Hairbrush—Here’s Why


Here’s to the humble hairbrush!

Yes, the hairbrush: the unexciting tool you grab every day without really looking at it. It’s about time we took a moment to appreciate everything our brushes do for here’s a quick review:

Hair Health

Did you know that brushing is essential to your hair’s health? Glands in your scalp produce nutrient-rich oils, and brushing distributes these oils evenly throughout your hair. These natural oils coat each strand, moisturizing your hair, protecting it against breakages, and giving it that healthy shine.

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If you don’t brush, the oil just builds up at your roots. Not only does the rest of your hair miss out on all those nutrients, your roots will develop a dull, oily appearance. Basically, your brush is the difference between a healthy, shiny head of hair and gross, greasy roots.


We all know this one: you brush your hair to get the knots out. Getting your hair smooth and tangle-free is the first step in just about every hairstyle, so it’s important to have a solid detangler brush in your life. Choose one with bristles that are both firm and flexible, so your brush can glide through your hair and still get the best of stubborn knots. 

Make sure to use the right brushing technique to avoid damaging your hair. Don’t rake your brush from roots to tips. This method rips through knots, breaking and uprooting hairs. Instead, start by tackling the tangles at the bottom of your hair, then work your way up towards your scalp. This way, you’ll unravel snarls instead of tearing them out. Don’t brush wet hair: it’s at its most vulnerable when wet and will break easily.


As if keeping your hair healthy wasn’t enough, brushes keep your locks looking gorgeous. They’re the secret behind lots of glam looks, with special varieties designed for teasing, curling, blow-drying, and more. Try experimenting with different kinds: there are brushes for every hair type out there, and using the right one for your beauty needs makes a huge difference.


Vigorous brushing massages your scalp, encouraging circulation around the hair follicles. Not only does this little bit of self-care feel like a DIY spa treatment, it might even promote hair growth. Try massaging your scalp for a few minutes next time you brush: it’s a tension-reliever and a beauty hack.

Removing Loose Hairs

Brushing also helps up your personal style game by getting rid of loose hairs before they can wind up on your outfit. On a normal day, you can lose between fifty and one hundred strands of hair, and we all know how they can get everywhere: your bathroom sink, your pillow, your cute new sweater…so brush away. Because, you know, shedding isn’t a good look on anyone.

Meet Our New Favorite Brush

So here’s to the hairbrush! We’re showcasing one of our own right now: the brand-new Madison Braids Detangler Brush. It’s got flexible bristles that make short work of snags, and a sleek, stylish design you’ll love. It’s cute, it’s useful, and you’ll reach for it every day. 

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